Sanctuary is a collaborative effort between queer and trans activists, ministers, and organizers to provide a space of healing, education, and resistance. While we know there may be no truly safe space for us in this world, our aim is to provide a protective space where the wisdom and truth of who we are and the urgency of our vision guide us into community, strength, and action.



One of the most pressing needs in the struggle for queer and trans liberation is the need for education. There is no way to predict what households a queer or trans child will be born into or which group of people holds someone trying to figure out who they really are. We come from every background, race, class, religion, etc. This means it is imperative that we reach people where they are and with as much grace as possible. Difficult truthful conversations and vulnerability are the heart of our education process.  


Activism to us can mean everything from mutual aid, to lobbying, to community defense. We go where we are needed and listen to what our community and those around us are saying. Activism is not about being known, it's about knowing others and meeting needs. It is also about solidarity. We are founded on the principles of liberation, we know that our freedom and safety is bound up in the freedom and safety of the broader community. Because of this, and because we recognize the value of all human lives, we mobilize and stand with all marginalized people in our shared struggle for justice.

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