Sanctuary was founded to serve as a hub for Social Justice work in the Southeast to center queer and trans voices, to amplify the work already being done, and to build upon it.

We believe that queerness and trans experience are a gift.

A gift not just for us, but one which we give to the world.

Our belief is that Queer Liberation is bound up in the liberation of all oppressed peoples.

Neither is possible without the other.

Our belief is that Queer Liberation is bound up in the liberation of the Earth.

We cannot be fully human and fully free until we reestablish our relationship with ourselves and the environment which we are a part of.

Our belief is that we need each other.

Our belief is that no human being is disposable.

We are not one of us safe until all are safe.

We are not one of us truly free until all are free. 

Because of this we believe Our Mission calls us towards:


We are proudly Anarchist, but we do not limit our critique only to state oppression and capitalism.  We see all unjust hierarchies, and the kyriarchy that they create, as enemies of common liberation. While we cannot pretend to be free from prejudice as products of a deeply flawed system, we strive to live into higher ideals. We call on each other to reject racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, xenophobia, colonialism, militarism, anthropocentrism, the notion of punitive justice and the prison-industrial complex it has created.


Is to stand for the liberation of all, and against the oppression of any, and to do so from a lens deeply informed by our experiences as queer and trans people.

Rev. Alaina Cobb
Executive Director

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